The Problem


people are held in pretrial detention every day across the U.S.


of all local jail inmates are legally innocent pretrial detainees

92% vs. 50%

92% nationwide guilty disposition rate for defendants held on bail vs. 50% nationwide guilty disposition rate for defendants who post bail. Just because you have access to the money to post bail are you really 42% points more likely to be innocent?


the median bail amount among pretrial detainees in Richmond, VA

$9.1 billion

the yearly cost to all U.S. counties for holding pretrial detainees in county jails.  That’s 100% tax payer money. 


of jailed inmates are African American (African Americans are 12.3% of the U.S. population)


African Americans are placed in pretrial detention at a rate five times that of white defendants


African Americans ages 18 through 29 receive significantly higher bail amounts than all other ethnic and racial groups for comparable offenses

—African American defendants are less likely than white defendants to be released on recognizance for comparable offenses

Racial discrimination further destroys equity in the cash bail system